Control Elements Secondary Structures of HIV-1 genome

General information on HIV-1 isolate

# 1396
Accession number AF170545
Name 94TH702
Sampling year 1994

AF170545 isolate has foldings of [DIS region] [PBS region] [Core poly(A) site] [123nt 3' terminus] [USE domain, TAR, polyA] [USE region] [227nt 3' terminus] [Complete poly(A) region] [USE, TAR, polyA] .

The region encompassing 227 nt 3' terminus

The primary sequence:

taa-ccctcaa a-cgtgcataa aagcagc-gct tttcgcttgt acgtggtctc tcttgttaga ccaggtc-gag cccgggagct ctctggctgg caagggaacc cactgcttaa agcctcaata aagcttgcct tgagtgctta aagtggtgtg tgcccgtctg tgttaagact ctggtaacta gagatccctc agaccactct agactgagta -aaaatctcta gca

Isolates with identical sequences of region:

AF170546(#1397) AF170547(#1398)

The optimal secondary structure:

The suboptimal structures within ΔΔG ≤ 4 kcal/mole of the minimum free energy